GSSPL provides a wide range of solar products for retail and commercial users. Our objective is to provide customers with easy access to solar energy & reduce their dependency on traditional sources of energy. GSSPL Solar products are manufactured using the most recent solar technologies to deliver optimal results. Our products are tested and certified as per leading industry certification standards and have carved a strong market position in a short span of time.

Our range of innovative solar products include on-grid solar power packs, off-grid solar power packs, solar water RO, solar street lights, solar water pumps, solar generator, module mounting structures and more.


Off-grid solar power packs are an ideal solution for areas having no electricity supply. These self-sustaining solar powered panels can provide clean energy for residential homes and small commercial units and reduce their dependence on DG sets, thereby saving fuel costs. Our off-grid solar power packs are low in maintenance and have a long life of upto 25 years or more.


Solar on-grid power packs are ready to use solar power solutions which convert solar energy into electrical energy using inverters for ready consumption. In an on-grid system there are is no storage and electricity generated by the system is used by consumers directly. An on-grid system also provides the opportunity to feed surplus power to the main electricity grid (subject to local laws). On-grid solar power packs are manufactured for use in establishments connected to the electricity grid.


Solar powered generators are an ideal power backup for homes and commercial applications. They are sturdy and silent, making them perfect for outdoor use residential and small commercial applications. They come with the option of fixed and mobile structures and have inbuilt storage batteries that store surplus power which can be utilized during non-sunlight hours. These generators are offered in the ratings of 1KW to 5KW with optional mobile or fixed structures. GSSPL’s Solar Generator was recognized for its innovative approach in harnessing solar energy.


Solar water purifiers that combine the best of solar and water purification technologies to provide safe drinking water. Usage of solar power in water purification plants is a new concept and is increasingly gaining acceptance in a wide range of applications globally including industrial plants and residential users. These water purifications systems harness the power of the sun to purify water from all kinds of sources. These water plants are ideal for off-grid locations like army camps, remote villages, schools, public installations amongst others.


Solar powered outdoor lighting systems are ideal for lighting the areas in remote locations where the grid power is unavailable or irregular. Urban areas too can use these systems to reduce dependency on conventional grid power and contribute towards sustainability. Solar LED Street Lights' provide reliable, independent and clean source of energy for street lighting applications. Dusk to Dawn operations, robust design along with sufficient battery backup makes it suitable to operate at all locations. Their efficiency and durability makes them ideal for both off-grid and on-grid locations.


GSSPL provides a wide range of solar pumps for use in drip & sprinkler irrigation, live-stock watering, pisci culture, projects, salt-pan farming and rural and urban water supply projects. Our range of solar pumps include both DC surface and submersible options. In addition to our standard range of pumps, we possess the engineering capabilities to develop customized pumps based on client requirements.

Interrupted power supply remain a major problem in villages and interior areas of the country. Using solar water pumps help farmers reduce their dependency on the grid. This helps them irrigate their fields on time, boosting productivity.


A LED High Mast Light is a raised source of High illumination lights (6~8 lights) and with high intensity on the middle of major junctions (Ring roads, Outer Ring roads), turned on or lit automatically in the absence of light (at specified timings or at periodic times, every night). The function of LED High Mast Light is to provide safety and guidance of traffic and to provide secure and comfortable surroundings for the travelers. High Mast Lighting plays a vital role in reducing accidents and crimes. Road and area lighting are essential components of mast lighting. Effective lighting of outdoor spaces provides important benefits to all who are passing from that junction. High mast lighting is preferred over conventional lighting, because it can achieves very large space to height ratios. It can illuminate large areas without the need for numerous lighting columns. Modern lamps will also have light-sensitive photocells to turn them ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, or activate automatically in dark weather.


Solar home lighting kit for villages where there is no power. This solar system is a good rural and far located area where still electricity is a dream for people. It comes with USB port for mobile charging , DC Table fan LED Bulbs.


Solar technology with the beauty and elegant of artistic add-on is our specialty. A solar tree is a structure incorporating solar energy technology on a single pillar, like a tree trunk. It may be a solar artwork or a functional power generator. Benefits of solar tree Solar trees may build awareness and interest in solar technology and also provide shade and meeting places. It comes with and without Battery Backup for harvesting the Sun Light.

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